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Shopping... it's my favoruite hobby and my greatest passion. Whether I'm walking down the high street or shopping online, I feel like a hunter looking for prey, and it gives me a great deal of excitement. That's true for everything from grocery shopping, to looking for essentials, to shopping for clothes, to buying socks. I have found that many people see shopping as a chore, and I want to change that. In this blog, I hope to make shopping look dazzling and delightful. May name is Bev, and I hope that you like my posts, and if you enjoy them, please share them on your Facebook, Twitter or other pages. Thanks a lot for reading!


Bondage Restraints to Get You and Your Partner Hot and Bothered

14 November 2017
Shopping, Blog

Experimenting with bondage is a great way to spice up your sex life. However, if you are an amateur in this form of foreplay, you may find yourself in a pickle trying to make a decision on which types of bondage restraints to use. Keeping in mind that pain and pleasure vastly vary from one person to the next, you should not be surprised to realise there is a vast array of restraints that you could select. Read More …

How To Deal With A Curling Cowhide Rug

4 June 2016
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

A cowhide rug makes a stylish floor covering in any room, but this type of accessory is particularly popular in apartments or homes with hard floors. Unfortunately, curling edges are a common and annoying problem that homeowners face with cowhides, and if you don't fix the issue, somebody could trip over the rug. If a curling cowhide rug is driving you to distraction, find out what you can do about it here. Read More …

Point Of Sale Equipment Dissected: 2 Common Questions and Answers

28 April 2016
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

The hospitality industry is almost synonymous with the use of point of sale equipment (POS). The use of such equipment makes it easy for customers to settle their bills in a dining establishment (for example). The equipment also makes the reconciliation of financial transactions easier for the owner of such an establishment once the day is done. Discussed below are answers to three questions about point of sale equipment for the benefit of those looking to establish their first coffee house, restaurant or related dining establishments. Read More …